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  • We have made language learning easy for all families!

    Our books are made to be easy to read and give families of all kinds the ability to learn a second language while they join the adventure.

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    Our eBooks work on your tablet, phone and computer so you can learn a new language anywhere you go!

  • Learn hundreds of words per book!

    Livolingo books help you learn English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French helping you become bilingual.

  • Get your family in on the adventure with custom characters.

    We offer four character styles to customize your language learning book so your family are the heroes of the journey!

Choose from eBooks, Hardcover, Softcover and Coloring Books.

We want learning to be available to everyone, regardless of budget so we have made our ebook priced to get everyone in on the adventure.


Take your adventure with you! 

Specially crafted for Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle, but capable of being read on your Smartphone and Computer.

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For a lifetime of learning.

Full color printing on the highest quality option available to us, your hardcover book is designed for years of use.

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Add a language learning book to your library. 

Lightweight and easy to take with you on your adventures, amazing full color illustrations to bring learning to life.

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Coloring Book

Bring your adventure to life. 

Show us your inner artist by unleashing your creativity and we will share your artwork on our Instagram @Livolingobooks.

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How do I personalize my book?

We have made it super easy for your family to get in on the adventure with a personalized print or digital book that makes a great keepsake.

1. Select Languages

Four languages to learn.

Personalize my book!

2. Pick Format

Hardcover, Softcover, Coloring, and ebooks.

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3. Customize Characters

Get the whole family in on the action.

Personalize my book!

4. Add a Personal Message

Write a beautiful note to the recipient.

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Why LivoLingo®? 

We’re a married couple, Scott Luscombe a Canadian, and Ana Luscombe a Brazilian. We call our son the "Cazilian." We were inspired to write this book as being from two completely different cultures and languages can make communicating tough sometimes. Ana speaks 95% Portuguese to our son, and Scott speaks 95% English to him. However, both Ana and Scott are still learning each others' language, while our son learns both. This book brings us together as a family and allows all three of us to learn at the same time.

How do I personalize my book? 

To personalize your language learning book, you begin by selecting the Languages, English and French, Portugues, or Spanish as step one. For step two you choose your book's format. Either ebook, Hardcover, Softcover, or Coloring Book. In step 3 you choose the Character style you would like, out of our four options we give you a wide range of cultures to give as much inclusion as possible. As the final step you add in the Names you would like the characters to have. Once we receive this information we will e-mail you a confirmation of all of your details. Once you confirm this information we will complete the customization personally and send you a PDF proof to the e-mail we have on file for you to review. Once you approve the proof, we print your book and send it right to you!

How long does my personalized book take to arrive?

After your order it takes 24-48 hours to send you the proof for review. Once approved we send it to the printer where they print it and ship it to you. The entire process typically takes 11-14 days depending on what country the book is going to.

How much are LivoLingo® books? 

Our books start at $3.99 for an ebook which is compatible with most devices, but specially designed for Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle. Our most expensive option is our $49.99 personalized Hardcover which is our premier option and makes a beautiful keepsake and gift.

Where is LivoLingo®?

As a Husband and Wife team we run this business out of our homes in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and Toronto, Canada.

How do I contact LivoLingo®?
You can get in touch with us easily through the chat here on the website or:

Email us:
Call us: 315-791-7511