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A-Z Creatures

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Welcome to A-Z Creatures, the first book in our Conversimals series of books where you and your child will learn hundreds of words in two languages of your choice.

Our first book, this one, took us over one year to complete, proof that we put lots of love into this book, beautifully illustrated and written for the way we have found it easy for us to learn languages in our mixed culture family.

What's in your book:

  • 32 pages of full-color illustrations
  • Learn how to pronounce your A, B, C's in two languages
  • Hardcover, Softcover, eBook, and Coloring Book options
  • Learn English with French, Portuguese, or Spanish
  • Printed books are Landscape orientation and 11" wide X 8.5" high (28 cm x 22 cm)
  • eBooks are suitable for all of your devices but formatted specifically for the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle

What age range is this book for?
We wrote this book for our entire family to learn each other's languages and share that learning experience with our children. Although most Children's Books are typically 0-8 years old, we still learn when we're well into our 100's so this book is for everyone!

When should I buy this book?
Our books are fantastic presents for your own family, your extended family, or to score major brownie points with your friends. If you're like us, Aunt's and Uncle's aren't just for people in our family tree; they're friends as well. Extraordinary for Birthday presents, Christmas presents, Hannukah presents, Baby showers, Baptisms, and any other occasion. Learning is always a great gift!

Can I personalize my book?
Yes! You can personalize your book:

  • Children's Names: Using your child(s) name throughout the book as a character is an amazingly unique way to get in on the adventure.
  • Character Styles: You can choose the style that suits your family the best.
  • Languages: You can choose which two languages to learn, English plus French, Portuguese, or Spanish.
  • Personalize message: Get creative and write a beautiful dedication to the one you love that will stay with them for the book's life.

What do I learn from this book?
A-Z Creatures from our Conversimals series teaches you hundreds of words in two languages and how to pronounce your A, B, C's in both languages.